More Fiji Sun mischief making

Rosi Doviverata’s story about a competition between Ro Teimumu and Sitiveni Rabuka has set tongues wagging but they’re not saying anything the propaganda machine would like to hear. All that Rosi has succeeded in doing is attracting attention to herself as a tool of the regime. Speculating about what the GMB may do is one thing, attributing motives to her is another and trying to ruffle her fur for a dog fight with the coup master is scraping a new low, even for the Fiji Sun. Shame.

Fiji Sun February 5, 2014 RO TEIMUMU OR RABUKA?

One Response to “More Fiji Sun mischief making”

  1. john Says:

    To much looking for loop holes the people of today, I must thank our pm for great job he has done, rooting out the big corruptions in our country… for the soldiers up there,stay strong and keep on the unity..don’t listen to the false and rude comments going on that kind of talking will produce nothing.we just have to work hard now to build better Fiji for all …isalei…

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