Hints of Chinese sugar takeover

Vaniqi has let slip that Chinese are interested in starting a sugar refinery in Fiji.  He probably means mill, not refinery, but that’s the least of his ignorance.  Where will the Chinese get their cane, that’s what we want to know.  FSC has had declining cane input due to low prices, stuffed-up mills, poor management and feeding farmers a diet of lies for 7 years.  Are the Chinese going to be given their own land, because that’s what they’d probably demand to make sure they can control the whole operation. Vaniqi can’t manage a sugar industry and he can’t even tell a plausible lie, what’s he still doing here as PS Sugar?  Oh, that’s right, he’s military. Competence is NOT an issue.

Fiji Times, February 01, 2014 Asian help for sugar

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