Frank chickens out of Australia Day celebrations

With Pressie around Frank is second fiddle, so no cake cutting for him

After years of complaining that the Australian Government didn’t treat him like the PM he is, Frank finally got his invite to Australia Day and turned it down. Knowing that fear is the main motivator of Chicken Frank we guess he was in fear of something.Was he afraid he’d have to be polite and behave himself in someone else’s house? Or was it the presence of the President who outranks him in Government as in everything else which made him chicken out?
Fiji Live: 29/01/2014 PM will not attend Australia Day celebration

7 Responses to “Frank chickens out of Australia Day celebrations”

  1. Aunty Nur Says:

    A nation of chicken most certainly deserves a chicken PM!

  2. dredd Says:

    Aunty Nur you got the bull by the balls. He presumed that he would be in the presence of law abiding straight citizens which is not his type of groupies so naturally chickened out.

  3. Says:

    Lamu sona! No body will talk to hlm.

  4. Lamusona Levu Says:

    The character of our PM is perfectly aligned with the character of our great nation. We are the world champions in cassava patch sprinting.

  5. activ8tar Says:

    guys c’mon… about a logic explaination..will that change your mindsets?..bainimagaijinana government movement is predetermined…so wats happenin is calculated risks..he doesnt giv a fcuk about the government but his own skin,now all fijis foreign reserves has been used up and frank is eyeing the money set aside by the ratu mara government for the lebanon tour its sitting on an intrests of hundred millions usd now the owners want their cut but hes refusing to withdraw it..end game to franks trying to please everyone is bankruptcy and we have to be auctioned to the highest bidder to payoff our if we want to avoid all that..a civilian ethnic cleansing sectarian coup is inevitable beause his corupt marksm has shattered the bonds between father and son in the indiginious community;hes got the minority at his disposal;the big question is are you ready to trade your brothers or sisters life for your country’s sake?now when you can answer that,then you know what is the greater good.

  6. kai bau Says:

    Oh man this man Epeli Nailatikau is a pathetic state bludger and loser who has lost sense of dignity and integrity. His brains are sogged with alcohol and his mind with sexual pevertish thoughts. He is a farking idiot who lived off his father’s reputation. He is worse than Rt Iloilo who some said at least did not know what he was doing. This Epeli sonalevu guy deserves to be fed to the dogs!

  7. tualeita Says:

    Isa…sa qase ‘o Naeve. When he was Commander of the RFMF in 1987 during Rabuka’s coup, he could not face the music so he conveniently absented himself from Fiji just like Bainimarama when he conveniently left Fiji in 2000.
    They are not strong and courageous enough to do the right thing.

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