Baledrokadroka tips Aziz

Former senior RFMF officer Colonel Jone Baledrokadroka has tipped that Bainimarama will name Brig Aziz as his replacement when he steps down as Commander at the end of the month. Bainimarama knows that Aziz is just a bureaucrat and not a real military man but he can’t pass over him because it would expose the lie of his “all races are equal” motto, so Baledrokadroka thinks it must be Aziz, who has also shown his loyalty to Bainimarama by back-stabbing Pita Driti. While this may be right, somewhere in the back of the qavokavoka lala a tiny voice can be heard: “don’t do it, don’t do it”.
Radio Australia 29 January 2014 Former Fiji military leader says field limited to replace Commodore Bainimarama

3 Responses to “Baledrokadroka tips Aziz”

  1. Aunty Nur Says:

    Aziz is our preferred candidate. He understands how our family operates, he understands that Khaiyum is the boss and he understands money and the way to make lots of it. In a race free Fiji, he is the natural choice. On the other hand, there is Francis Kean. He has the same sour body odour as Frank, he understands how to kill and his intellectual capacity is no challenge to anyone.

  2. Lau Vana No Cou Says:

    jone boci drau vicai kei azizi=

  3. nur bano bahut boor Says:

    it will be Tikoitoga that idiot because he is an idiot who will get rammed up the backside to save his skin and will do anything Frank says. Also Mosese Tonokamaitoganonasonalevu has no loyalty or gavitas with the troops who will still be loyal to Frank.

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