The FRU mess gets worse

After the IRB payments suspension things have just got worse for the FRU.  People have been sacked and we’ve been given bullshit explanations like “some positions have been absorbed by current staff”.  Does this mean the cleaner is now also the coach? It sounds like the usual Bainimarama regime shenanigans.  The FRU can have a secret payment if they buckle to secret regime orders.  The regime has made a big enough mess of the FRU.  They should just butt out.

Radio Fiji Jan 27, 2014  FRU terminates Male’s contract


3 Responses to “The FRU mess gets worse”

  1. Says:

    Voreqe to be head coach after the election.

  2. Koli Pakala Says:

    esther Williams doing what she does best ie farkin things up

  3. Keep The Faith Says:

    This mess that makes a public mockery of the blood, sweat and DNA investment of our rugby crazed nation is only going to escalate.

    The illegal & treasonous regime and all their blood-sucking cronies thought they could feast off the FRU carcass


    So what’s your move now Vodafone and cronies? The Digi crew want their pound of flesh and are waving paper (note NOT in kind ‘assistance) to get it back.

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