Jiko Luveni gives the game away along with a few sewing machines

Everyone knows that the unelected regime is on a spending bender to buy votes, but who would have expected one of the regime unelected Ministers to be so blatant as to admit this was the game. Dr Jiko Luveni has been handing out sewing machines all over the country for sometime but she admitted “We have 80 machines left in our office for distribution and we will hand these out before elections”.  She makes no secret of the fact that she thinks villagers can be bought with hand-outs provided by the governments of China and India. Does she really think they’ll vote for a government that has made laws that give Bainimarama and Khaiyum complete control over iTaukei land. A few sewing machines for control of all iTaukei land so it’s ready to hand-out to their backers when they’ve won the election? Is that the way they think it will work?

Fiji Times, January 27, 2014  37 machines for 19 villages

5 Responses to “Jiko Luveni gives the game away along with a few sewing machines”

  1. Aunty Nur Says:

    This is just another example of wasting government funds. Does this old hag not understand the principles of efficiency? You don’t need to give away a Chinese sewing machine to buy a villager’s vote. A bag of rice and a bunch of kawa will do. Stop wasting our money Jiko.

  2. Meli Says:

    Aunty Nur is right. What a waste. We only have to tell the peasants for whom they have to vote and they will obey. After all we have a few guns at our disposal. Nobody with half a brain is going to buy the election charade anyway, so why spend money on morons in the villages when we can pocket this money ourselves!

  3. Keep The Faith Says:

    Some real stupidity on display here.

    If every woman in the illegal & treasonous regimes targetted rural areas now have access to a sewing machine, how the heck can they either trade or start up small business enterprises if they are competing among themselves flooding the market with one product ie sewn goods?

    Someone buy this dentist a frigging clue please.

  4. svueti Says:


  5. Keep The Faith Says:

    And on it goes. From the sublime to the ridiculous

    It’s almost as if rural women are just sitting around twiddling their thumbs awaiting mana from Jiko’s heaven when they’ve got their own priorities and obligations.

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