Well done Rusi!

The arrest of Stefan Ali has got be the handiwork of Rusiate Tudravu, the real Acting Commissioner. Who else would be so stupid? By arresting him they bring the regime’s restrictions on speech into the spotlight. We might even get to hear what he said, which would have to be followed by Mr Plod telling us what’s wrong with it. Tudravu must think that he has a chance at the big job if he can do enough to please Khaiyum. He doesn’t know they all think he’s dumb and just leave him in a position where he can take the blame for cock-ups and be pushed aside if necessary, which is not so easy to do with a Commissioner.
Fiji Times January 22, 2014 Ali out on bail

One Response to “Well done Rusi!”

  1. Aussi Says:

    Stefan has more balls than half a million Taukies. He has expressed what many think but are too afraid to speak out.

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