The Pressie is in for a huge loss of face

If Khaiyum and Bainimarama can’t climb down from their high horses before next month, our poor old Pressie is going to be very embarassed in Tuvalu. He might even be forced to admit that he’s just a puppet’s puppet. A Khaiyum fatwa has been issued against the Chief Justice of Tuvalu so that he cannot get a visa to transit Fiji on his way to Tuvalu. When Bainimarama and Khaiyum couldn’t get a transit visa to pass through Australia they called it intereference with sovereignty but if Tuvalu makes the same plea they says get stuffed. This will be a huge embarassment to President Nailatikau. He will be left to defend blatant hypocrisy. It doesn’t matter what Sir Gordon Ward is alleged to have done, the issue is sovereignty. How many times has Bainimarama said that.
Radio Fiji 23 January 2014 Tuvalu to discuss CJ visa issue with Fijian President

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