The king campaigns

Frank will be standing down as Commander but he will be continuing on as PM, travelling at the taxpayers expense in what is obviously campaigning. But not to worry. Surely the more people see and hear of him, the lower his vote will be! He’s the only one who doesn’t understand that he’s a buffoon.

2 Responses to “The king campaigns”

  1. Aussi Says:

    Not so sure about the vote the moron in chief will get. Judging by the quite acceptance of his tyrannic rule for seven years, it is very well possible that he gets what he wants. And Fiji’s population will get the “elected” leader they deserve: An idiotic puppet manipulated by the Khaiyum clan.

  2. tuks Says:

    Sa rogorogo ca mai na nomudou vakamacala, ni yavusa lusi, ni gole lesu i Viti mo ni lai vosavosa tu kina, sega ni dua na ka yaga ni kauta lesu i noda

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