Another military man cut down to size by order of Khaiyum

Sacked Police Commissioner Naivalurua has to be looked after because he’s a military man after all, but is Ambassador at Large the best Frank can do? What is an Ambassador at Large? The regime’s propaganda machine claims “Unlike an Ambassador in Residence who is usually limited to a country or embassy, the Ambassador at Large is entrusted to operate in several neighboring countries or a region.” But what is Litia Mawi if she’s not this? Do we really need two? It’s a non-job, a calculated insult. It’s designed to show even the biggest military fish that they cannot defy Khaiyum and keep their job. They should have learned this after Sam Saumatua’s humililiation, but they never learn.
Fiji Village: 23/01/2014 Naivalurua takes up posting of Ambassador at Large for Fiji

2 Responses to “Another military man cut down to size by order of Khaiyum”

  1. Keep The Faith Says:

    It never ceases to amaze how these senior officers have lost all form of self-respect & dignity and are quite content to prostrate themselves to lick up the crumbs that the Baiyums high-handedly toss from their table.

    Perhaps there is a manic form of karma at play here where this sorry saga has unmasked officers like Naivalurua for who they really are underneath the terse facade of brass buttons and green fatigues.

    Its not rocket science to work out that this cushy number was created specifically to pacify and remove him from contention as a possible candidate for the RFMF Commander post.

    With the clock ticking away for the 28 Feb deadline we are bound to see more of these taxpaid shenanigans rapidly roll-out with more contenders being placated and neutered. Until the favourite remains — and then all these same shameless stooges will be there for the grand farcical installation ceremony.

  2. Aussi Says:

    RFMF officers are good at beating unarmed civilians, but they bend over quickly when if comes to Khaiyum. In essence, the indolence, ignorance and subservience of these man reflects the mentality of the entire population: Lets not rock the boat and hope that Khaiyum will throw a few crumbs their way. It is simply disgusting to see this happening at such a scale.

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