Is this a Khaiyum plot to weaken the chiefly system?

People everywhere are shocked and saddened to see three western side chiefs bowing to Bainimarama and thanking him for government services, as if they are provided by him personally and are not just the responsibilities of any government. When the chiefs are presented as a spectacle to the public supporting Baimarama in this way, people shake their heads and think it’s disgraceful that their support can be bought in this way, but it’s more than that. The chiefly system is diminished, not just the individuals. And who could be more pleased with this than Khaiyum. We all know that years ago Khaiyum’s blueprint for Fiji included axing the BLV. Humiliating chiefs, parading them like captive prizes is a sure fire way of diminishing respect for the offices they hold.
Fiji Sun 16 January 2014 Chiefs back PM

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