The shame of domestic violence

The reports of a spike in the number of domestic violence incidents should be a cause for us all to hang our heads in shame but it should not really be a suprise. The lesson that ‘might is right’ has been taught by example for the past seven years. The law of the thug is the law of the land. The same lesson tells criminals it’s OK to rob and bash so long as they don’t get caught. Domestic violence and crime are just two more costs we pay for Frank’s coup.

Radio Australia 3 January 2014, Fiji records Christmas spike in domestic violence

3 Responses to “The shame of domestic violence”

  1. james Says:

    What a load of rubbish radio australia.

    There is a spike in teen hooligan after the end of the school year. Is that because of the Aust PM or bad parenting or just normal teen behaviour.

    If the cow shits on the road, it will be blamed on the coup. Aust is one of the most racist countries in the world and their treatment of the native abrogines is well documented.

  2. bean peanut Says:

    Condemning Aust doesn’t take away or lessen the gravity of Fiji’s crime rate under the regime.

    The irony of the much touted “crime-free Fiji” led by the treasonous…

  3. Keep The Faith Says:

    Why blame Radio Australia? These are the findings of the Fiji Womens Crisis Centre who knows this issue well.

    Don’t shoot the messenger and assess these signs from a deeper level. All these signals such as domestic violence, children dying from malnutrition, glue sniffing, kids hanging out at all hours at internet/game/billiard shops, prostitution, drugs etc are unpleasant underground realities of real people in your country struggling to survive. These alerts all point to the systemic rot and shredding away of Fiji’s social and moral fabric. It is too easy to tut tut from the side and say ‘Thank heavens my family is not that dysfunctional’.

    For the past 7-8 years of rule by the illegal and treasonous regime investments into understanding the underlying issues and attempts to reverse these trends have been minimal and inconsistent at best. It is instead shuffled off to the NGO’s to handle. Voters and taxpayers do not pay NGOs to look after their interests!

    These issues have come to a head and soon there will be an inter-generational and recurring cost to the nation.

    We ignore these signs at our peril.

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