Khaiyum’s WAF still tops for bad service

The Water Authority of Fiji which is ruled by the iron grip of Khaiyum has again won a place at the top of the complaints list. People complained about being pushed to pay bills left by previous tenants, bills are wrong, and often by huge amounts, and water is disconnected when it shouldn’t be. And for every complaint that’s made there’s a dozen or more that aren’t made because people know it will do little good. Unless their complaints are publicised in the media there’s little chance of success. Arrogance is the message that comes from the top. If the bosses keep Khaiyum happy they don’t have to worry about anything else. WAF customers can just f*** off!

Fiji Live: 14/01/2014 WAF complaints amongst top 5 received by Consumer Council

2 Responses to “Khaiyum’s WAF still tops for bad service”

  1. Keep The Faith Says:

    Indeed. A gold star for gross inefficiency to WAF while FEA is hot on their heels.

    Despite this the WAF CEO can still find the time to tee off at the golf club on the weekends and have a jolly good life while many taxpayers and voters endure day to day living without a fundamental human need.

  2. Frozen Says:

    Since bai-ni marama took over,by the barrel of a gun, there has been hardly a single day in Fiji without water cuts despite the abundance of water. False promises everywhere. Why is fixing the water problems not a priority like fixing roads and bridges?

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