The land lie

Fiji Times reports that iTLTB is outraged over an advertisement for an island in the Yasawa group. TLTB general manager Alipate Qetaki claims only the TLTB could lease iTaukei land on behalf of the mataqali under the iTaukei Land Trust Act Cap 134. Qetaki seems to have forgotten about the Land Use Decree, which gives Bainimarama unlimited power to hand out leases on iTaukei land. Even when there is an elected parliament, this decree will give the PM power to lease land for the sake of economic development. Qetaki knows that the Land Use decree over-rides his TLTB legislation but he’s too scared to admit the truth.
Fiji Times, January 09, 2014 Island woes


2 Responses to “The land lie”

  1. Keep The Faith Says:

    Looks like the TLTB will have another new competitor in addition to the shady Land Bank outfit.

    Why the superannuation fund needs to have a land bank policy that is a major diversion away from its core business is beyond comprehension.

    “Taito adds the purchase is part of the Fund’s land bank policy to acquire good and strategic parcels of land for future use.”

    Taito himself admits that they are picking up the tab for ATH’s failed IT park investment on a whim without having a plan for its acquisition in the first place!

    “FNPF Chief Executive Aisake Taito says they will go through a proper master planning process to ensure that the land is used for its best and maximum output.”

    Superannuation members need to take charge of their pension funds otherwise it will continue to bail out all the other failed investment projects.

    “The FNPF says since the site covers an area of 38.5 acres sitting by the coastline, it has huge development potential in future.

    The decision was also made in view of the continuing scarcity of these types of prime land.

    Taito also says the purchase will give members the opportunity to have a direct stake in a big parcel of land which will grow in value in the future.

    It also redirects Members’ funds from deposits that are not earning with the commercial banks to real growth assets.

  2. Frozen Says:

    Qetaki knows very well who put up the ad. It is no other than his dumb boss baini who is in charge of the land bank. He is just putting on a show to hoodwink landowners into believing he has absolutely nothing to do with it when he is fully aware of what has transpired. Come on Qetaki, speak the truth before something happens.

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