Is China eyeing our sugar or our sugar industry?

The Fiji Times reports that an 11 member Chinese Researve Bank team showed interest in buying Fiji sugar. Tate and Lyle are getting sick of unreliable FSC run by a Abdul Khan, so why would the Chinese chase an unreliable trading partner? It’s more likely they’re interested in our sugar industry. When FSC collapses they’ll be happy to step in and pick up a few mills at rock-bottom prices, with desperate farmers who are willing to accept peanuts for their efforts. The Chinese are in Australia trying to buy their way into the industry so they can have control over their supplies. The idea they’re interested in chasing an unreliable producer as a supplier is too much to swallow. The deal they’ll want is cheap mills, land and a tame workforce. A bankrupt FSC gives them the first, the Land Use decree gives them the second and the Essential National Industries (Employment) Decree gives them the third. That should help Frank pocket a good price for his efforts.
Fiji Times, January 06, 2014 Fiji sugar interests investors


4 Responses to “Is China eyeing our sugar or our sugar industry?”

  1. The Sugarman Says:

    In todays Fiji Times (1/11/14), a Samu Railoa from Nadi talks about sugar revival. First of all, let me tell you readers of this blog that Mr Railoa is a staff of the FSC based at its Field Division at its Head Office in Lautoka. That’s why whenever we read his comments about sugar in the Fiji Times, you will note that he has inside knowledge of the industry. His attempt to hoodwink the public into believing that there is a sugar revival is laughable. Unless and until both cane production and sugar make reach 2006 pre-coup levels, there is no way the industry will survive. Samu talks about one cane farmer he spoke to; what about the thousands who have left? He also talks about the high price of sugar; does he not know that the cost of living in Fiji has risen to astronomical levels that despite the so-called high sugar price, the farmer is left with almost nothing? Their take-home pay has been drastically reduced Mr Railoa. I met a famer in Labasa who told me that when he sends a lorry to the sugar mill with ten tonnes of cane, he gets $36.00 net. This is ridiculous. So what is Mr Railoa harping about? Just come clean and tell us you are a mouth piece for this illegal regime working for FSC and hiding behind the letters to the editor. FSC has been de-registered from the stock exchange because it has no money. Stop the nonsense you are making with your dumb CEO. The sugar industry is doomed!! And the Chinese are ready to take over.

  2. Aunty Nur Says:

    China buys into agro-industries on a global scale. But nowhere in the world are the pickings so easy: With a little commission into my account, the entire industry including can be bought for a song.

  3. Azad Says:

    Well said Sugarman!

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