Will there be anything left?

The question shareholders of FHL are asking is whether there will be anything left in FHL coffers when an elected Government finally takes control of the company from the thieves who raided it to install their own free-loaders on the board and in executive positions. They wasted millions on the failed bid to buy BP Southwest Pacific. Then they started playing games in PNG. The regime has no idea of how to run a business but every idea of how to milk it for personal purposes. FHL Logistics was all their bright idea and like the crazy venture into the oil business it’s proved they don’t know that they’re doing. They’re milking big dividends because the dividends are being paid straight to regime coffers to pay for shares that were given to Provincial Councils by the Qarase Government so Provincial Councils could have the funds they need to serve their people.
Fiji Sun January 4, 2014 FHL Logistics closes down

8 Responses to “Will there be anything left?”

  1. Keep The Faith Says:

    Unbelievable that it took 2 years of consecutive & massive losses before the overrated CEO and his board thought to go down this path.

    Even cursory glances at their container trucks couldn’t hide the mechanical junk hidden under the black & green paint.

    Shareholders need to demand better accountability and learn how to ask the right questions and demand accountability for bad investment decisions that go south like this one! Normally heads roll for stuff-ups of these proportions. Additionally taxpayers also need to start demanding answers because the Govt is a majority shareholder of FHL and the Govt was only able to attain this status by using their hardearned tax dollars.

  2. Meli Says:

    The idiots who have their pensions messed with by Khaiyum and his thugs deserve what they will get….nothing. This indolent flock of sheep needs to be screwed left right and centre.

  3. Biswa Says:

    Sorry but isn’t what the CEO doing the right thing by cutting the losses.

    Some people have taken their hatred for the regime a bit to far and have become blind.

  4. Keep The Faith Says:

    Biswa a good CEO would have arrested the problems before they bled him and his shareholders dry. A good CEO would certainly not have waited for 2 years of haemorrhaging before taking action.

  5. Frozen Says:

    @ Biswa

    The problem with regime appointed CEO’s is that most are unqualified for the job. All they do is trial and error and hope a miracle happens. The FHL is being drained of its resources and in this case, millions of dollars, and it took the stupid CEO two years to realize this! In a real business world, this guy should be fired already.

  6. gyan singh Says:


    Look at the overall results of FHL overe the last 2/3 years against the state of the exconomy and its peers.

    It has done well.

  7. Frozen Says:

    @ gyan singh

    What overall results are you harping about? Do you think we are so naïve to believe all the data that is spewed out by this lying and conniving regime? First of all, they must allow an audit, not only of FHL, but the government and all its statutory bodies. There has been none for the last seven years. Is there something to hide?

  8. Corruption Fighter Says:

    @Biswa are you serious? The issue isn’t cutting losses, it’s how did these losses come about? The scheme was a loser from the the start, just like the attempt to buy BP.

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