Eafare out as Dean but back as High Commissioner

Peter Eafare has withdrawn from the position as Dean of the diplomatic corps in Fiji but he has remained as High Commissioner and still enjoys the confidence of his Government. And it seems this means he’ll be the one making sure that the funds provided by the PNG Government for the elections later this year are used properly. Let’s hope he makes the regime give an account of the use of the funds which is thorough and misses nothing.
Radio New Zealand 3 January 2014 PNG high commissioner removed as Fiji diplomatic corps dean

2 Responses to “Eafare out as Dean but back as High Commissioner”

  1. Keep The Faith Says:

    The crux of the story being “Mr Eafare is well placed to determine how the nearly 20 million US dollars of election aid promised to Fiji by PNG should be spent”.

    No more free lunches Baiyums. A PNG style payback could well be in order.

  2. Keep The Faith Says:

    A pitiful twist to the now long-running diplomatic spat being: “The decision (by Fiji) was reached following conscientious consideration of various incidents of diplomatic impropriety and discourtesy, both directly displayed and inferrred, upon Fiji being host country to the High Commissioner and the diplomatic community in Suva”.

    The piece de resistance being “and he (Rt Inoke Kubuabola) was assured that the PNG High Commissioner would be permanently recalled”.


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