Welcome to 2014


2014 arrives.  Will it lead to democracy and restoration of the rule of law?  Or will the election be like the Constitution process under Yash Ghai, cut short because it started to look genuine?  Time will tell. 

3 Responses to “Welcome to 2014”

  1. Paula Says:

    2014 will be an extraordinary year for Fiji. Khaiyum will eventually have to reveal his plans how to keep him and the thugs in power. It may also become the year when indolence, ignorance and subservience of the population turns into anger and action. I believe that change will eventually be triggered by RFMF officers becoming seriously fed up with the arrogance, greed and corruption of Khaiyum. There is a lot of whispering going on in the ranks right now.

  2. loterabuku@gmail.com Says:

    There will be another coup before ‘sept’ election. The solution is to terminate voreqe and install an interim gov to conduct a GE . Voreqe has unconsciously confirm that power corrupts!

  3. dredd Says:

    We have already allowed bai and his cronies to do what they want so far. That is evident in the silence met with the introduction of all law and constitution. The jailing of men ruled innocent by the jury was also another muted affair with not a whimper from the public. I hate to see this continue into the new year when election is supposed to take place. We must not take any more crap from this self righteous regime who think they are above everybody and everything including the law.

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