The gates of QEB

When Bainimarama reminded his troops there are two gates to the QEB, forgetting for a moment about the back exit via the Cassava Patch, he let us all know that he holds power because of the force the troops represent.  He knows the troops are unhappy that they keep him in power to allow Khaiyum to run the country as he pleases.  And when Driti dared to protest he was drawn into a conspiracy by Aziz which led him to be thrown into prison.  Rumours are flying around that Aziz has left the country and will not return but these may have been started by Bainimarama to smell out more discontent.  He starts the rumour that Aziz is to be arrested to see if this gains approval.  Or maybe he’s hoping he can spook Aziz into fleeing. Who knows?  The one thing the troops know is that If Driti was guilty, then Aziz was guilty too.   They think that it’s time Bainimarama put himself through the gates of QEB.  Let him stick to being PM and face the judgement of the voters.

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