Forced smiles of the year

There’s still a few days to go but we don’t think anyone is going to beat these two for the worst forced smiles of 2013. Aisake Taito obviously has nothing to smile about. FNPF has enough trouble making a profit but pouring funds into the black-hole of Abdul Khan’s FSC threatens to lose a big pile of funds with no hope of recovery. FSC shares are worthless. It was removed from the South Pacific Stock Exchange when its debts grew to be higher than its assets. Now it’s living off funds borrowed from FNPF because no bank would touch it.  EXIM Bank of India is going to bankroll some more of its useless contractors who can be expected to do nothing more than unload some junk equipment and slip a few kickbacks to Abdul Khan or Bainimarama. Abdul Khan’s smile looks slightly more genuine than Aisake’s but then so it should, because it will be worth his while until he’s forced to flee the country. 

6 Responses to “Forced smiles of the year”

  1. tabetabe niu Says:

    Oiyauwe.. what a stinky legacy he’s created for himself @ the spineless regime lackey aisake taito.

  2. joe black Says:

    dumb and dumber? work it out

    this is the sorry state of fiji we are in big time shit

  3. Keep The Faith Says:

    Indeed. Faux smiles all round to hide the financial & treasonous maladministration and the consequent cover-up’s by stooges such as these.

    Keep going you guys. If you think you can act with high-handed impunity even when orders are handed down from on high, prepare to be sorely disappointed. And yes you can all prepare to be rocking the orange regalia too.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    One is worried that Fiji Airways and FSC may not be in a position to make consistent loan repayments to FNPF; the other is more worried because FSC, which cannot make a single cent of profit, is not in a position to make any loan repayments at all. All this talk of co-generation etc are nonsense and are planned to deviate from the real problems facing the sugar industry. Watch, the dumb FSC CEO will abscond during one of these overseas trips.

    • Paula Says:

      Anon above
      You are absolutely right with regards to FSC: The co-generation deal with FEA has been negotiated in such a way that FSC will incur losses because the power tariffs FSC will be paid are ridiculously low. The other deviation from the real problems of FSC is the hoax ethanol production for which FSC has already paid a considerable amount of money for feasibility study and design. It will be another loss maker if executed. FNPF is supposed to finance this deal as well (80 million) as no commercial bank would go near such a dog of a project.

      • Anonymous Says:

        This shows the absolute stupidity of the sugar minister baini, his ps vaniqi and the dumb ceo khan.

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