Public Service Standards?


Frank and Aminiasi look like they’re watching public service standards disappearing down the drain while poor old Jo, who is responsible for the Public Service standards, can’t bear to look. We all know the truth. No-one tries to improve service standards. Decisions are made by Khaiyum with the Bainimarama rubber-stamp, based on gossip and back-stabbing. People who know better just go along with it because they know speaking the truth can cost them their job.

3 Responses to “Public Service Standards?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Some illegal regime supporters contunually condemn old politicians. What about old civil servants like these two baini lackeys?

  2. parmesh Says:

    Man they look like the walking dead. Old Jo should just go and die in peace like Filipe sonalevu Bole. We don’t need you old senile farts, don’t you get the farking message? Frank is bad enough, but to cling on to qase ga sonalevu like Old Jo, Filipe Bole and Taufa Vakatale puleeeasseee!!!

  3. Keep The Faith Says:

    More is the pity when it is continuously observed that elders who should know & show better, don’t.

    It is a sad day when they’d rather milk as much as they can from the system knowing that they have nothing to lose in their twilight years, and turn a blind eye to the lessons they teach to the generations to come who are now burdened with the cost of rebuilding the nation because they willfully uphold illegality & treason for thirty pieces of silver. May their names be etched in our anals of history as shameless, selfish charlatans. If we’re lucky we will see them in orange too.

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