More lies from Abdul Khan

Abdul Khan is on his way to India to negotiate more loan funds from EXIM Bank of India. Some people never learn. He claims that some of the money was money refunded because the work done by Indian contractors was so bad but if that’s true is he going to give it back to them so they can have another go? And weren’t we told the mills were fixed? We have no idea what he’s up to and we can be sure that the dumb Minister for Sugar and his even dumber PS, Vaniqi, have even less idea. FSC has not published full reports for years and Abdul Khan keeps throwing figures of production around expecting us to believe them without seeing all the usual figures.

Fiji Sun December 17, 2013 Khan off to India to draw $15m from EXIM loan

4 Responses to “More lies from Abdul Khan”

  1. joe black Says:

    nah he said that when he was sucking manasa cock it had no brain tattooed on the head but he didn’t mind as he was getting paid

    this is the level of this guy no paisa but plenty sucking and bullshit

  2. The Sugarman Says:

    The sugar industry is doomed! The dumbest CEO ever, Abdul Khan just forgot that his stupid sugar minister just told the International Sugar Organisation that the industry just made a dramatic turn-around. And here he is again; going to India for more loans that cannot be repaid. Now I remember, when the loan is granted, the stupid sugar minister, bainimarama will remember to put on his orange turban and then beg the Indian PM to write off the loan and consider it a grant instead.

  3. pita w Says:

    Why is more loans always considered a bad thing. You borrow more to expand, invest in more capital or it could be borrower more to pay other borrowers.

    Most fijian people borrow from money lenders and pay by borrowing from another money lender.

    The sugar industry is doomed because of MPC and felix playing politics.

  4. The Sugarman Says:

    @ pita w

    Another baini lackey. Since baini took over, everything in the sugar industry has spiraled downwards. The figures speak for themselves. Baini lied to the ISO. If everything was OK, why another loan? Secondly, your analogy of Fijians borrowing from money lenders to pay another money lender is “bush” economics. That’s the reason we Fijians are in all sorts of financial problems – borrowing from Peter to pay Paul; when will this “dinau” mentality end? FSC is a business entity, it cannot continue to borrow like you have envisaged. Someday the loans have to be repaid. Up until now, not a single cent has been repaid because there is not profitability. That”s why FSC was removed from the stock exchange. And if there was a change as lied by baini, why has there been no annual report to substantiate those false claims. The sugar industry is doomed!!

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