Khaiyum tries to lie his way out of responsibility


The audience at the Khaiyum ego-fest bored by his endless lectures. Everybody but Frank Bainimarama knows that the biggest obstacle to investment by genuine businesses in Bainikhaiyum land is the use of Decrees that take away the right to appeal government decisions in court. When he fronted the legal profession at his huge ego-fest last week Khaiyum tried to explain that he really only needed this to deal with a couple of businesses which had deals set up by the previous government. He didn’t mention all the other decrees with the same lack of right to appeal. In particular he didn’t mention the Land Use decree which gives the PM (which at the moment really means Khaiyum) the right to hand out 99 year leases which cannot be challenged in any court or tribunal.

Fiji Village: 09/12/2013 Radical changes were needed – AG 

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