Another dummy spit

The trademark of the Bainimarama regime is the dummy spit. PNG’s Peter O’Neill got put by the Kubuabola slap across the face in the Brisbane Fiji Business Council meeting but Bainimarama can’t sit down and discuss differences. He has to behave like a spoilt child. Now he’s refusing to recognise PNG’s High Commissioner as the Dean of the Diplomatic Corps in Fiji. Radio New Zealand reports this has caught the PNG government by surprise, with the Post Courier newspaper reporting prime minister Peter O’Neill saying he is not sure of the reasons behind the move. He would probably find it hard to believe it’s just that Bainimarama is a big baby who can’t deal with not getting his own way in everything.

Radio New Zealand 09 December, 2013 Fiji and PNG embroiled in a diplomatic spat

5 Responses to “Another dummy spit”

  1. Rigamoto Says:

    Forum Secretariat condemmed Fiji’s pulling out from PACP trade talks

    Thu 12 Dec 2013
    SUVA, Fiji — The Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat has rejected the alleged contravention of an agreement by Pacific ACP member states and wishes to clarify what it calls ‘serious and erroneous’ allegations being made on the role of the Forum Secretariat.

    The Secretariat said the special meeting of Pacific ACP Trade Ministers and Fisheries Ministers convened in the Solomon Islands was duly notified to Fiji and other countries freely agreed to and attended by the Pacific ACP States (PACPS).

    Following the impasse in Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) trade negotiations in Brussels in October 2013, the European Union (EU) Trade Commissioner wrote to the Pacific ACP Lead spokesperson proposing that he could meet with as many Pacific Ministers as possible in Honiara, Solomon Islands, on 12 December.

    The Forum said the Trade Commissioner’s proposal was circulated to all PACPS via an official circular in the normal way.

    “Until Fiji’s unheralded withdrawal, there was no dissent and not one objection to the Honiara meeting from any PACP country, including Fiji,” the statement said.

    The Secretariat clarified that the meeting with the EU Trade Commissioner is not a negotiation session but a special meeting that was convened to clarify issues and take stock on the status of the EPA negotiations, before formally resuming the negotiations with the EU.

    Except for Papua New Guinea and Niue, all PACP countries are represented in the meeting in Honiara. Eleven countries – not six – are in attendance, with 10 Pacific Ministers participating.

    The Secretariat said that the suggestion from Fiji that the Secretariat is acting for the EU and that it is putting pressure on the PACP states or dictating directions to PACPS is simply not true, and hardly deserves a serious response.

    The Secretariat is the technical advisory body to the EPA regional negotiating machinery, and that the Secretariat has very diligently and professionally executed its responsibility.

    The Forum Secretary General, Tuiloma Neroni Slade, responded in the meeting to counter the allegations from Fiji.

    He said that the Secretariat is a service organisation that is proud of its competence and professional behavior, and that it remains ready to be of assistance to all Pacific island member states.

    The Secretariat said that the Fiji walk out from a Ministerial meeting is simply not done, and was an extraordinary display of unwarranted and un-Pacific behavior.”

    But of course what would the unremarkable AG have you believe?! Everyone else is at fault but him. Tsk tsk.


  2. Dredd Says:

    It seems like everybody else is wrong except for iarse and bai and those high up in the regime. These devils think they are angels. What contorted minds they possess.

  3. Chun Wai Says:

    Its funny how in the Driti case both the (foreign) prosecutor and (foreign) judge refer to the seriousness in the charge… Mutiny and treason yada yada but are happy getting the high dollars for representing the treasonous Govt in the case. Its deplorable.

    Unfortunately its what happens in a country where a regime has illegally taken over the country.. the scum seems to come from all quarters to exploit for financial gain.

    And yet the fijians do nothing. VB is laughing all the way to the bank.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Bai-ni-marama and kai-yum are big mouths only in Fiji because anyone who questions their decisions most likely will be forcibly interrogated at the FMF camp. They are scared to meet people face to face at the Forum because they cannot defend the policies they introduced. They are like the “koli ni kaidia” who bark the loudest in their own backyard.

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