What are facts about sugar?


On behalf of all the other sugar producers of the world Dr Peter Baron the International Sugar Organisation congratulates our Minister for Sugar for his efforts in supporting the world price of sugar by halving exports from Fiji.

Abdul Khan has told Sugaronline Weekly Newsletter that Labasa mill is now working at 96 % reliability and needing only 8.8 tonnes of cane to produce a tonne of sugar. It would be nice if this was true but sugar farmers speaking to American Ambassador Frankie Reed told a different story. They said “the mill experienced 228 hours of operation compared with 226 hours last year.” In other words no change. Real facts about sugar are hard to come by. According to the FSC website “Over 75,000 hectares are cultivated for sugar cane on the two main islands” but the Fiji Bureau of Statistics reports that the area is 46000 hectares. Full figures showing the state of our sugar industry have not been published for years. Our so-called Sugar Minister has halved the industry and is resorting to lies to hide his criminal neglect of the industry.

Sugaronline Weekly Newsletter 11/11/2013 FIJI: Labasa mill finally ends crush http://www.sugaronline.com/news/website_contents/view/1222762#sthash.XWKLNeuK.dpuf

Fiji Times, December 04, 2013 Labour shortage

3 Responses to “What are facts about sugar?”

  1. chaudary Says:

    There is something wrong with the numbers. 226 or 228 hours is less than 10 full days.

    The mill was running for much longer.

    Guess putting false infor is what the blog is famous of!

  2. joe black Says:

    all these big stories from abdull khant the guy who was caught by cops sucking manasa dick in car park at fsc he is just full of bullshit

  3. activ8tar Says:

    chaudary did it ever occur to your thick head that it was you who robbed the industry,millions and millions more on your offshore accounts,businesses ,apartments etc overseas…while the land owners losses their land and on the larger scale we as the Kaiviti suffers from this land reformation act…Luveni magai jinamu,kulina…next time you try to point a finger or make sycastic blow jokes…try sharving your head up your arse..maybe you will see shit clearly..

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