Health Minister is satisfied but no-one else is

According to the Health Minister, Dr Neil Sharma we are almost enjoying “Universal Health Coverage”, which leaves us wondering what this is supposed to mean. Does it mean Bainimarama, Khaiyum, Tikoduadua, Tikoitoga and everybody who’s anybody in this regime flies overseas for health treatment, because that’s what really happens, and if they need any medical attention in Suva, it’s off to Suva Private. No CWM for them. Does Bainimarama imagine that we can be fooled by words like this from Dr Nil? The people who rely on hospitals and health stations know what the truth is. Hearing Dr Nil talk about “Universal Health Coverage” cannot make up for lack of basic medical supplies.

Radio Fiji Dec 05, 2013 Fiji progressing well towards UHC: Minister

2 Responses to “Health Minister is satisfied but no-one else is”

  1. Viti Bula Says:

    They bloody buy cheap tablets from India which does not work and introduce deadly vaccines banned from 1st world nations to kill our children….what a shame

  2. activ8tar Says:

    Dr.Neil Sharma is the same doctor that service the Air Pacific now Fiji Airlines;this very same person as I witnessed during my days with the Airline was either biased and very racial when it comes to cases for imergency medical transfers either domestic and international;i wouldnt be suprise if hes the health minister it would be alarming if a thorough investigation was to be done for the fatality ratio between Fijians and Indians in his service period.Now we’ll be getting our over the counter medicines from India somewhere not to mentioned Fijians going to India for medical purposes.News flash:think twice about taking your children to the health centres or prescriptions because either or; link between Fiji and India is as strong as ever was,departure tax just increased and very soon you wil see comercials that airfares to India is more cheaper than going to the States etc whats next…you think you the customer gets to choose?LAX security systems is forever upgrading and what is becoming of us Fijians?

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