King Khaiyum riding high


What a week for our unelected Constitution maker! He has successfully convicted Driti who is already behind bars, his mate Aziz is in the clear, and to top it off, he gets another spell as Acting PM. We can see how high he is on all this power by a succession of statements which are all pure Aiyaz Arrogance. In all our towns King Khaiyum says there has “been absolutely no collaboration between the special administrator and the chamber of commerce”. Shame on them, but, of course, it was all Sam Saumatua’s fault. It’s clear he had to go. Then he turned his attention to state-owned enterprises, declaring them all corrupt before he took control of them. No-one is free from corruption, except him. And no organisation is democratic unless he has set it up. We all know about his dirty dealing but so long as he holds the whip handle no-one can say anything. It’s this arrogance which makes him the most unelectable man in Fiji, a fact known to everyone but him and Bainimarama.

Fiji Times November 30, 2013 Minister attacks graft

Radio Fiji Dec 01, 2013 AG urges democracy for all organizations

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