King Khaiyum claims his land crown

Flushed with his triumph last week, with the Crown of PM on his head, in addition to his dozen other titles, Khaiyum has felt bold enough to speak on iTaukei land. He’s said there’s “investor reluctance to do business on this valuable resource”. He also claimed that “the relevant authorities’ need to “lift their game” so that confidence in investing in iTaukei land was restored. Is he including in this category of relevant authorities his Minister for Lands, the so-called PM, Bainimarama? Is he saying give me total control and I’ll solve the problem? It looks like his arrogance has soared to new heights.

Fiji Times December 03, 2013 A-G calls for investor confidence on land

24 Responses to “King Khaiyum claims his land crown”

  1. Aunty Nur Says:

    Land was always the issue driving Khaiyum to take over the country. Only in dirty land deals he and his clan can make the billions they want.

    • Sun Says:

      It is correct that the Khaiyum clan wants billions, but we should never forget that lamusona Fijians allow him to steal from them on a massive scale.

  2. kaiyum kaisi Says:

    madachod ….thats why the kai viti is different from u ,,,,,,,,,their land is not just a economic commodity and is for later generations …..something u non indigenous will never appreciate ,,,,ni vicai

  3. activ8tar Says:

    @ sun,
    its funny when you labell me and my fellow men lamusona Fijian…tell me if we are lamusona ;then what you then?sounds like a bokola culture shock fresh of the boat swine spineless marsupial leach..dont think with your mouth…if only you would learn to shut that septic hole of a mouth and use whateva brains you have left to try and understand “what affects one Fijian affects are talking about an existance of people who still have hirrachy and when they speak ,people move;the only place left in the world where Chiefs command the loyalty of their people.Kakua ni o vosa baleta na tamata(taba saka yani)kalawaci ga na kau..kaisi”…its either you give your alliegaince or stay the hell out….

    • Sun Says:

      Can you name just one other people in the world behaving like Fijians? I am just astonished how you get kicked in the teeth by Khaiyum on a daily basis and still bending over and ask for more!

  4. activ8tar Says:

    i understand your impatience but this not time for rationality.this mess started during the Cakobau dynasty(vere vaka bau),my forefathers are the brains behind the initiative for the ultimate aphodiziac the foundation of the Fijian government,big bro(Verata) was suppose to intervine for supreme authority and it was not so…Cakobau got too greedy and hence we have the culture on revolution a large scale no one saw this coming…now” for a clean slate the tree of the poisonous fruit must be rooted out”history rewritten, or the cycle continues;before taking the next step,we must consider this “innocent lives is at stake,women and children,maybe related by blood is their only ready to live with that…i know about righting wrongs…its never eazy…but ethnic cleansing…i stil couldnt contain myself just by the very passing thought of say is that “it must be done” hence lies the rub…for Fiji ever Fiji.

  5. activ8tar Says:

    as for your question about if theirs any other people in the world that went through the same thing?yes the Jewish nation…their nation was replenish,reinstated and internationally recordnised in 1948 they went though hell and back…and historians have found a link between our very existance..but thats a topic for another time and day..its not coincidential that this is happening to “as long as we have God on our side Fijians will always always live to fight another day.

  6. isa Says:

    @ activ

    So very interested to hear more about the link the historians found between native Fijians and Jews. Pls tell us more.

    From what i understand, christian missionaries the world over told every indigenous population they were trying to convert to Christianity that they were the LOST TRIBE of Israel. Didn’t they all feel special. Sa dri yani.

  7. activ8tar Says:

    its intresting actually, i take it you know ur Bible well…now if you do…when was the last mentioned of the ark of the covernant?after the building of the Temple by king Solomon..he invited queen Sheba to see the temple..then it wasnt mentioned when Sheba left it was said that she was with child and the king gave the ark to protecy the child(the father of Lutubasobasoba):now three things are in the ark..the budded rod of Aaron,the stone tablets and the grail of theirs a chair with the monachy of England and is sole purpose is for crowning the king of England the base of the throne is made of stone(actually the stone tablet)now when our forefathers came ;the stone chest fell near an island never ask y its called Mana island?)because of its if u go to vuda…a tourist attraction cave where its said to have our actual lost language inscribed on its walls confirmed lost ancient Hebrew text.better yet wat does Yaqara meant?it meant not”forsaking the feast of Tebanacle “

  8. kai viti Says:

    Still no reply from activ? Tomorrow perhaps?

    Spent a good deal of time this evening reflecting both joyfully and sadly on the life and legacy of the great Madiba – a bright light in the dark African continent whose memories will never dim – a sinner turned saint who has enriched our fallen world by his courage, perseverance, patience, humility, love of neighbour, compassion for and forgiveness for his enemies.

    US President Obama describe Nelson Mandela as his beacon of HOPE that was to become his mantra as he ascended the White House.

    “The day that he was released from prison gave me a sense of what human beings can do when they’re guided by their hopes and not by their fears,” Mr. Obama said on Thursday (NYT 12/6).

  9. kai viti Says:

    Oh hello activ! Sorry, had not refreshed this page until I posted. Very interesting reply.

    I’m not an expert but yes I know the bible fairly well as it contains the Holy Scriptures which I refer to daily for scheduled daily readings. I tend to concentrate more on the God News, the Holy Gospels.

    Lots of speculation, spin but no evidence in your comment. Are there independent sources that you can provide references to that one could look up?

  10. kai viti Says:

    Oops my bad, should be “Good News”.

  11. kai viti Says:

    We’ll continue this tomorrow as its quite late and the topic is not worth staying up for. Sweet hopeful dreams.

  12. activ8tar Says:

    now still wondering why our grandfathers always say when a male child is born
    “na gone qori me teve”the bible says if the male child is not circumsised its not holy “how did u think they know that? the book of Isaiahs says because you have forsaken your Lord thy God the Holy One of Israel, you will consume the fruit of your loins(your children) (hence the canibal curse) futher more…who else in the world has tokatoka,mataqali,yavusa either than Fijians and children of Israel?where else in the world people literally kill eachother for their land?.now go to Calvary Golgotha the text of the Lords Prayer written in twelve different inscription and one of them is in Fijian.Our geneology has been found containing immense raw data and it includes our former ways of worship but i have to ask permission from my fellow mate for publishing:once approved it wil be in my blog) well the long form of the term FIJI?First Isralites Jewish Island..for Fiji ever Fiji

  13. kai viti Says:

    Just can’t believe this vesumona BULLSHIT that I’m reading here from blogger activ.

    I love pasta dishes, does that make me Italian? Or the fact that I’ve loved Vegemite for as long as I remember, might I have been born and raised in Australia and somehow got smuggled to Fiji?

    You’re just as bad as the confused Alise Waqanika Daurewa who claimed the i-taukei originated from Tamil Nadu in South India. What’s with the likes of you who’ve become so muddled in your thinking despite your ready access to 21st century ICT!

    Too much info perhaps and a lack of real, authentic faith to help discern your way through life. Tragic.

  14. activ8tar Says:

    @kai viti a.k.a kaisi
    “predictable and cheap”best describes your flattering disoriented hole/mouth now..afew royal and loyal people like myself,Ratu Ovini Bokini and afew others true Fijian can trace their lineage all the way back to Lutunasobasoba and can confirm the statement as accurate n true..sadly cant be said about wat makes u so sure that u are a true fijian!!just because youre born in Fiji or because your grand father is fijian..can u trace your lineage?coz dats d only viable proof dat u tru Kaiviti or Original u see any others goin agaist this blog?no because they know who they u?im givin something that you will read in the papers (Lalakai/documentary) very soon:that i cannot press because its a colaborations of various historians who have walk this talk.when the nations lineage will be set straight you better be ready or u might be the descendant of “Sau na leka”lol;coz it wasnt only the Fijians that came, among them were Geneans,Solomons maybe youre one of

  15. kaiviti Says:

    Claims of royalty and loyalty is best displayed through actions judged by the people that they serve than your cheap vesumona that many might see as typically of a kaisi bakola.

    The question was for you to prove the ‘link’ that you claim between Jews and native Fijians. You can’t because its a pie in the sky.
    Getting on the defensive to question my lineage and identity as an i-taukei only serves to show your sorry-pie-in-the-sky all too clearly. lol..sivia gona ni lasu..lailai na dina.. Sa qai matata tu vakasigalevu. Sa moce doce..

  16. kaiviti Says:

    What you’re trying to present in your quoted statement below is at best IRRESPONSIBLE and will be your own undoing.. Fiji has no place for fanatics except the dungeons.

    “…now” for a clean slate the tree of the poisonous fruit must be rooted out”history rewritten, or the cycle continues;before taking the next step,we must consider this “innocent lives is at stake,women and children,maybe related by blood is their only ready to live with that…i know about righting wrongs…its never eazy…but ethnic cleansing…i stil couldnt contain myself just by the very passing thought of say is that “it must be done” hence lies the rub…for Fiji ever Fiji.”

  17. activ8tar Says:

    im ashamed to call ur name because you aint worth it one yourself “kaidia”you have no right on the Itaukei affairs..hirrachy in our Fijian community(not by name like you)understands and appreciates the information because it took place.people try to fit in like u (“nai vakarau ni ka”)should shut up and try to learn something(jikolo galu iko na tamata ni lewai bokala)i know my history .Au na kui Namata ni Vanualevu botoboto… Au na kawa i Ravula veitacini veiwekani kei Torah(the first five books of the bible)nodra qase na kumi Levu liuliu ni lotu savasava..qarava na Kalou levu o Yaweh(Jehovah)..ofcourse you dont need to know that and I dont need to explain myself to you either(kaisi iko sega ni mai kaiviti dina)im schooling you because your forefathers or your history teacher either were too stupid or just plain incompitent lack of understanding,we have raw data that makes the N.L.C looks like choir boys(Buatavatava and his confused miscreats).Dont talk about stuffs way above your paygrade.

  18. activ8tar Says:

    O yau saka..Ni na vakarorogo saka tu na Yavu Tabu Cecere dina ni noda Vanua lomani.Ni vosota saka ke mani sakasaka nai tautau ni noqu vosa.Qo saka na noqu itutu vaka Vanua lesi mai vua na Tamada sa tabogo;nai itukutuku au via vaka raitaka saka tiko vei keda me da se bau talevi keda(taba saka yani)tale saka na noda kawa vaka turaga ;baleta na kena mai vakadewa taki cala tu e so nai tukutuku me baleti keda(taba saka yani) era mai kalawaci keda tu kina na vei liutaki macawa va qo.Otioti ni G.C.C taroga o bainimarama kedua e rawa ni tuvana nodra kawa yaco sara vei Lutunasobasoba.”Ratu Ovini Bokini”era tucake ra qai vakadodonu taki Bainimarama.Qo saka na Turaga era matata vinaka saka tu.Era dei ni ra kilai ira vinaka sara tu ga.Nodra vosa e dua na noqu qase e vaka qo..”me yacova sara ni ra sa dabe tale na Turaga dina na nodra itutu ena qai sautu o Viti”o yau sa mai yala eke,au sa kerea meu sa suka lesu tale kina noqu ni na Kalouvinaka saka tiko na Yavu Tabu dina ni noda Vanua.noqu i tatau na noda kawa.

  19. Moro the Tevoro Says:

    active9star & kai viti
    keumudrau sa rua na tamata macawa vakalusi gauna ,,,,sega saraga ni dua e via kila na nomudrau veitalanoa tawayaga qai boci.
    Au sa na sova yaqona ena bogi e dai me qai yani o Moro me vakavutuki kemudrau vinaka mo drau galu mada!

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