Chaudhry exposes another decree dirty trick

Labour leader, Mahendra Chaudhry, has revealed that the Parties Decree, which was already an extreme law, demanding all sorts of personal information from party leaders, has been amended to make it even more extreme. Bainimarama is desperate to cripple his rivals before the election, but he doesn’t dare create his own party. He even hints that he might stand as an independent candidate. We’ll have to wait and see if the latest rule change is aimed at any particular party, but Chaudhry may well be one of the prime targets. Is Bainimarama hoping to get support from Chaudhry’s rivals if he can knock Chaudhry out of the contest for them?

Radio New Zealand 29 November, 2013 Amended Fiji decree to intimidate political parties and officials – Chaudhry

3 Responses to “Chaudhry exposes another decree dirty trick”

  1. activ8tar Says:

    chaudary i belive an expensive bilugual explainatory is too expensive for your cheap shot attitude…ill give it to you plain and simple…”you your son,your family,khayums and her cheap wife n family,bainimarama his family and all his supporters just get the f*ck out of our lives,our land,our freedom,our country….havent you all done enough damage already….take this as your fomal warning….the days is dawning,the forces are gathering dont say nobody warned you….for Fiji ever Fiji.

  2. pita Says:

    And look who is calling a pot black.

    Chaudary first needs to explain his millions, why he joined the IG, and why he killed the sugar industry.

    And for activa8tor, waoooo who are you. We waiting for you to take control. Not just some crap talk.

  3. activ8tar Says:

    thanks Pita,we are trying to implement a system where by its motivated by the right people and the right reason…now having said that… we have people of our kind(mind you)that agrees to something like ethnic cleansing but for personal gains…for the long haul we dont want that…i want a better Fiji for my people and in order for that to happen..we need to eliminate the right people using the right information..thats where the plot thickens…it haunts me say that it involves some of my own blood but hey!!!even freedom comes with a price…all this is happening because our fore fathers didnt set it the ball is in our court…and im saying no more…even if we have to rewrite our own history…it must be done…its already in motion it will pick up momentum..just be ready and dont curse me when its time for you to empty up…well all have to loose someone or something for Fiji ever Fiji.

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