Is this the hold Aziz has over Frank?


5 Responses to “Is this the hold Aziz has over Frank?”

  1. QEB Wall of Shame Says:

    Can someone post the name of the army officer that was being interviewed plus the names of the other “army officers” who were involved in the killings.

  2. losalini Says:

    ask Driti…

  3. Timoci Says:

    Driti gets what he deserves. He is a mumbling idiot while Aziz is a smart, successful business men who pays his dues to aunty Nur. The iTaukei morons in the RFMF seem to fully accept being ruled by Khaiyum and Aziz.

  4. pita Says:

    All the blah blah for the last 7 years has been just bulshit by the bloggers. Nothing has happened and soon FB will be elected PM.

    To date there is no iota of evidence that PM and AG has reaped $m as claimed in their account here or overseas.

    In addition, people like MPC, Roko ului, rajend chaudary, rajesh singh, driti, felix, dan, attar, baba, mick, and others have come and gone.

    Most interestingly, the govt has delivered in the past few years. General business confidence is high, the poor are happy with what has been offered, the civil servants could not have asked for more, the economy is doing well, foreign govts are coming on board, we are moving forward.

    • KS Says:

      Pita you are absolutely correct. Our economy is now booming, direct foreign investment in flowing in, foreign governments provide aid and financing. The German government for instance has for more than a year now supported policy development in Fiji, while the idiots in NZ and OZ have stood on the sidelines.

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