Will it be a party of one?

The supreme law-giver, Aiyaz the Almighty, has ruled that individuals will be able stand in next years election. This means they will not have to go through the process of registering that he imposed on political parties. It looks like this is designed to allow Bainimarama to stand as an individual, which also means he doesn’t have to quit as Commander until 30 days before the election. It also looks like he knows that there is unhappiness in the army about jailing Driti while Aziz walks free. Without a party Bainimarama cannot hope to command the number of seats he needs to be PM, so he’ll be forced to cooperate with one of the parties or create a new party that supports him but doesn’t have him as a member. It’s looking a bit desperate.

Fiji Sun November 27, 2013 Independent candidates not like parties: AG

One Response to “Will it be a party of one?”

  1. Tomasi Vusi. Says:

    Whatever the foxy dictator decides, one thing we will not be surprised about is that he will bend his own election candidacy rules to suit himself.

    Hopefully he will firstly declare all his assets including his salary/total income of the year including gifts to HE RECEIVED.,

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