Dramatic lies

Bainimarama has stood in front of the International Sugar Organisation (ISO) meeting in London and declared that his ‘reforms’ of the sugar industry have achieved a dramatic turnaround. When he seized power we had a sugar industry which could reliably produce 300,000 tonnes of sugar a year. Now we struggle to produce half that amount. Is that what he calls success??? He has cut the acres planted, reduced yields and made a mess of the mills. He can tell these lies to the ISO, but farmers know the truth. The price paid for cane has increased this year but cane farmers know he’s done this with money borrowed by FSC, a situation that cannot continue. His aim is obviously just to get him to the election and then who knows what. May be he’ll sell the smoking ruins of the industry to Chinese investors

Fiji Times, November 26, 2013 ‘Dramatic turnaround’

One Response to “Dramatic lies”

  1. The Sugarman Says:

    The sugar industry is doomed and more-so, when we have liars like baini and khan as leaders.

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