The Driti discontent

One of the most interesting pieces of evidence in the Driti trial is his sad complaint that “When we started off, the Prime Minister had told us – the Military Council – that we were going to move forward and that it was a clean-up campaign.” Military officers were not going to benefit. This will strike a chord of sympathy with the rank and file who had doubts but followed orders, but what will all the brother officers who are filling top jobs in the Civil Service think when they read this?

Fiji Times November 22, 2013 Driti: I stuck to that plan

3 Responses to “The Driti discontent”

  1. Keep The Faith Says:

    Driti was a royal pain in the ass when he was tripping on his sudden & meteoric rise to power that led to Bainimarama’s 7-year illegal rule but he, like any of us, deserves the right to a fair trial.

    But MadGun and his Hong Kong hoochies undoubtedly deserve a special mention — it takes a special kind of officer of the court to make the real crims out to be innocent bystanders and victims even as they tiptoe over bald-faced basics like illegality and treason.

  2. Totally corrupted Fiji judiciary Says:

    Hang the bitch. He supported the illegal junta and deserves all he gets. One by one all the scum behind this will be picked off and dumped in the ditch like their clone gaddafi. Fark them all.

  3. activ8tar Says:

    it will be bloody my friends….bloody i tell u…the law cant judge them…..we the people must….by blood was it paid and by blood undone….when you’re ready…i just wanna know who took my uncles life….i promise you..i will

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