Vinaka vakalevu Jone

A regime stooge blogger called Jone has posted a comment urging us to look at the websites of the IMF and ADB if we want to know the truth about the state of our nation under Frank. We did just that and guess what? This is what the ADB said: “In 2006, an agreement was reached with the elected government on a draft country partnership strategy”. Apart from “an emergency assistance loan in 2009” future loans will be considered “once ADB reengages in new country operations” ie with another “elected government”. And the IMF? In August this year it reported “Fiji is a richly endowed economy but growth has remained slow over the pact decades owing to political instability, susceptibility to external shocks, and slow progress on structural reform.”

ADB Fact sheet on Fiji

Republic of Fiji -Concluding Statement of the 2013 Article IV Consultation Mission August 19, 2013

4 Responses to “Vinaka vakalevu Jone”

  1. jone Says:

    Vinaka blog administrator

    If you read the latest IMF report it states that

    “The deficit is declining and the governement has a primary surplus budget. Debt levels are declining and sustainable”

    My previous related to Govt debt and IMF has endorsed the positive outcome on debt contrary to what you think.


  2. Keep The Faith Says:

    How do we therefore treat the fact that the ADB, IMF, World Bank churns out these types of assessments based on the conflated data fed to them by the Ministry of Finance, the Central Bank and FIRCA?

  3. jone Says:

    Keep the faith

    I am sorry but you are off the mark.

    It would be very easy for any expert in the area to pick out if the data is cooked. Do you think they don’t know how to cross check the data?

  4. Keep The Faith Says:

    I don’t doubt their expertise Jone. What I do doubt is the honesty of the data and the manipulation of it to spin a fairytale.

    Thankfully there are experts who can, have and will interrogate the fineprint and demystify it all

    Then of course you have these kinds of trends:

    and no avenue for taxpayers to cross-check the big showy promises against.

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