That look-away handshake again

1460211_670247346341537_846015818_n 2

Kubuabola has been trying hard to do everything he can to please his boss and it looks like he’s now taken to doing the Bainimarama “look-away” handshake where he seems to forget what he’s doing when he greets people.

3 Responses to “That look-away handshake again”

  1. Keep The Faith Says:

    Why does a simple handshake from what looks like a subordinate need an added bow and scrape? Are they Fijians or Japanese?

  2. Tabetabe Says:

    who is this BOCI bending to another BOCI?

  3. activ8tar Says:

    lols….awesome guys….now just to put a name to face and an attitude thhat matches the name….since were already heading for Japan…might as kip moving…now the Japs have a name for a foreigner wants to fit in(“the trying too hard kind”)they called them “chaijing”my home boys calls them the “Kaisi”Englishmen will them them the “Farkanese”because of their confused Fijian mannerism public display mixed with their wanna be japanese itenarant attitude….

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