Fiji is me

Our self-appointed PM and Constitution-maker has accused Australia and New Zealand of trying to isolate Fiji. He seems to think that he his Fiji. Sanctions have been directed at him and his henchmen and no-one else. He is not Fiji and we, most definitely, are not him.

Radio Fiji 19 November 2013 Fiji isolated for its determination: Bainimarama

8 Responses to “Fiji is me”

  1. james Says:

    Bainimarama is nothing but an idiot

  2. observer Says:

    And what’s make you think that you are not.

    M not a coup supporter, but ask any political or scientist and they will tell you that he is smart to survive 7 years.

    He may have made some enemies but his more recent actions has resulted in a big fan following.

    I bet my last dollar that the old politicans will have a tough time if they speak the same old song this time around. He has taken the bull by the horn and is on the offensive.

  3. activ8tar Says:

    politicians or scientists aye!!!now i’ll try interviene without breaching the parametres by definition…now a politically motivated person will dwell between the realms of sanity and deception…sanity e.g “a senator is chosen from among the people to represent the people…huge expectations between the people and the governing body and yet the senator has to try maintain calms between an apologetic scientist would use tools such as logical consistancy,imperical adequacy and experantial relevance.” judge bainimarama by the above humble examples…..does it seem fit for his band of kahoots to continue demanding life from every Fijian nostrils…i mean factually speaking.. the enomious debt Fiji owed;it will take my great grand children to clear it off…so to answer the question…is he an idiot?…the answer is NO he isnt;HES A TRAITOR and was offered an option between more blood or more money and he choose to sacrifice more blood for much more money…for Fiji ever Fiji….

  4. jone Says:

    Great comments.

    Just one comment. Economist always analyse debt relative to income. Whether its personal debt, company debt or national debt.

    In this regard, the debt ratio by the IG has actually fallen.

    Income of the country as measured by nominal GDP has almost doubled in the past 7 years.

  5. Segai na dina Says:

    @ Jone and Observer

    How do you know? Can you really believe the illegal regime with the figures it provides? There has been no Auditor’s report since 2006 and there is no transparency at all. Stop being influenced and fooled so easily by this lying and murderous regime. Only a fool will believe them.

  6. jone Says:

    Go look at the ADB report or the IMF report.
    Also check the RBF publications.

    Hope u know what you searching.

  7. activ8tar Says:

    ok…let me put it this way…sadam is a long did he convinced the world that he did what he did for the benefit and future of his people economically and militarily? how long did it took for America to say thats enough?now after the war how long did it take to catch him?when hes found how long did it take to get the actual facts and put him on did you know how many peple died by his hand ?after the fall of sadams regime what is the factual fianancial report or where does Iraq stands now what is the current state of his country?once youve gathered all the answers…get the memo….were half way there now ask the question do you allow yourself to be ruled by a tyrant that choke everything that moves?you can honestly bet your childrens life and future as a indeginous Fijian that baininarama is the answer?im sorry i will speak for me and my kind…we will stop at nothing to preserve our voice,our way of life,our heritage our identity,and our belifs,because to the world we are unique,

  8. Sega na dina Says:

    @ Jone

    You are so gullible. All the reports you mention contain only figures given by the illegal regime. First, there must be an independent audit so we can know where we stand. In the absence of this, no figures given by the regime is believable.

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