An idiot’s smile for the camera


He’s a nightmare for official photographers who have to try to make him look good. The truth is he’s a buffoon and an embarrassment.

6 Responses to “An idiot’s smile for the camera”

  1. observer Says:

    Some people are plain jealous that their picture is not on the front pages.

  2. Sun Says:

    What a wonderful smile of our great leader. Aren’t we lucky to have such a brave, warm hearted, intelligent and visionary leader. The US ambassador who called him a psychopath was clearly mistaken. We should all proudly rally behind this benevolent chief.

  3. Dredd Says:

    He should learn to smile like Makeba or Dolly Parton beside him. He is overdoing his smiling act that it looks like its grossly disfiguring his face.

  4. activ8tar Says:

    keep smilling ohh great leader…youve nationalised our God given heritage,qoliqoli bill,land reformation acts,im sure ohh great leader that makes you very happy,get us more aids to fund your extravagant delicacies and give them our ozone ohh great and mighty leader,double the departure tax or quadriple it if it makes you mighty fine oh great leader,bring some more marching military band members to take positions in the government….they’re more than qualified to lead ohh great one,empty our f.n.p.f funds ohh magnificent one…may we all be poorer than before and may you be more wealthy,make armies of all our children and my grandmother shes 75 but physically fit ohh mighty leader and send all of them to the Golan heights but this time dont send the medical team if they will only cost more…keep increasing the cost of living and may we eat shit while you indulge in the very best,take all our rights and my dogs too so that only you will be right and none else…exectra ..exectra ..exectra …pweeew !!!

  5. jone Says:

    And we call ourselves got fearing christains.

  6. activ8tar Says:

    @jone…its understandable that your cortex deniably absorb the degree of sycasam…indirectedly towards your compadre detailing his untoward euphemism and senile treatment of our fellow countrymen and women…..hence lies the rub

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