The joke of budget day arrests

The arrests of 14 women and young people having a meal near the Fiji Revenue Customs Authority building shows how sensitive Bainimarama is to criticism. Bainimarama seized power in the name of transparency but he orders the arrest of people wearing t-shirts calling on the government to make the budget public. Police mouthpiece, Ana Naisoro, claimed the police were within their rights as the group did not have a permit as required under the Public Order Decree but she did not say which part of the Public Order Decree covers wearing t-shirts calling for transparency in Government while having lunch near a Government Building.

Radio New Zealand 12 November, 2013 Arrests over luncheon protest during Fiji’s budget day labelled “juvenile”

One Response to “The joke of budget day arrests”

  1. Navosavakadua Says:

    If wearing identical t-shirts makes them an assembly or a protest then there’s a lot of choirs in danger of arrest, not to mention family groups wearing kalavata.

    The protesters have cleverly exposed the glass jaw of the regime. If they take this matter to court they may well be able to expose more. The police should be asked to explain how they concluded that the group should be arrested. We all know the order would have come from the top, so let’s see the people who carried it out explain themselves.

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