Golan catch-up

It’s 3 months since Bainimarama sent 500 of his RFMF troops to the dangers of the Golan Heights but it’s only now he’s sent the medical support they need. Bainimarama was so keen to jump at the opportunity to grab another peace-keeping assignment that he gave no thought to the preparation needed to support the troops. For him the peace-keeping assignment was like the UN seal of approval on his illegal regime. That’s all he cared about – 500 lives and the families they belong to were nothing to him.

Fiji Times November 14, 2013 Golan bound

2 Responses to “Golan catch-up”

  1. Viti Bula Says:

    Poor Fijians paying for the troops because of his ego.they are not paid by UN

  2. ben Says:

    ohh my goodness….i dont think any funds left in our F.N.P.F….now… that could explain why after three months than the medical team was deployed to the Golan heights and the military kipping a tight lid on the F.n.p.f scenario…..isa Viti noqu Viti…

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