Bainimarama’s budget exposed

Professor Biman Prasad of the University of the South Pacific has exposed the big weakness in the Bainimarama election budget. He says the 3.6 percent growth rate the government is assuming we will get this year is largely consumer driven, in other words it’s paid for with hand-outs paid for by borrowed money. The worst thing is they’ve borrowed to pay for on-going costs like education and public service salaries. These costs will have to be met every year into the future and we’ll be borrowing to pay for it unless we get long term sustainable growth.

Radio New Zealand 13 November, 2013 Economics expert questions sustainability of Fiji budget

5 Responses to “Bainimarama’s budget exposed”

  1. anna malay Says:

    Prof Biman has no idea what he is talking about. He asks his students to do research and uses his name.

    How can he say that the economy is driven by consumption when it is a record year for govt investments. Anyway prof cum politican will be sucking up to govt officials soon to kerekere for the dean position.

  2. dr sunil Says:

    Pls don’t shoot my pal from usp. He does not know the difference between consumption and investment just like he became leader for nfp for 2 days and then backed down.

  3. farkfrank Says:

    Frank thank you very much for the 20% pay increase, which is something at least, even though it is still well below what it should be in real terms with the devaluation and inflation. If you think this will win us over, NOMU BIG ARSEHOLE SARA!! well me caka gona vakacava. hahahahaheeheeheehawhawhaw………

  4. Suka Ki Valeni Po Says:

    ASK Plan Carried Out by Puppet Bainimarama & Puppet Kai Viti Soldiers (- all part of a pre planned Master Plan by a select group including Kaiyum, Gates , Naz etc plus kai viti wanting to short cut their way to wealth and leadership)

    1. Coup (DONE)
    2. Purge civil service and disciplined forces (DONE)
    2. Implement ASK Plan ie sunset clause on indigenous structures and institutions; (IN PROCESS)
    3. Adapt constitution and laws accordingly (ie take away GCC vetoe power on native land laws)(DONE);
    4. Make Deed of Cessions claims illegal (DONE) & eliminate memory of Ratu Sukuna (DONE);
    5. Make anything pushing for indigenous racist and illegal (DONE);
    6. Control media to dumb down the population (MOSTLY DONE);
    7. No public debate on issues (DONE)& flood media with good stories and superficial analysis, festivals, parties etc etc to distract population – DONE)
    8. Use public funds to bribe and brainwash people (IN PROCESS);
    9. Weaken indigenous structures and chiefs & DIVIDE & RULE (DONE);
    10. weaken methodist church (DONE);
    11. distribute state land and foreshores to friends and cronies (IN PROCESS);
    11. control minerals with friends (IN PROCESS);
    12. control all native lands (IN PROCESS – legal framework done);
    13. eradicate any indigenous controls and advancement (DONE);
    14. eliminate all indigenous scholarships (DONE);
    15. Total control of subjugation of kai viti (indigenous) and control of their resources (IN PROCESS);
    16. Enrich the coup makers in process (DONE);
    17. A Fiji where indigenous are in name only ie nameless and worthless – totally dominated by the immigrant cultures, wealth and business connections (80% COMPLETE).


  5. Navosavakadua Says:

    @Anna Malai and Dr So-kneel

    are you two for real?

    The point Prof Prasad is making is simple: if we don’t get sustained long term growth we’re in real trouble because the increased salaries have to be paid year after year.

    Anna, I particularly like your comment “prof cum politician will be sucking up to govt officials soon to kerekere for tthe dean position”. What you’re saying is that the Government (meaning the illegal regime) will decide who gets the dean position at USP. So you’re admitting that’s the way things work? An independent multi-Government institution is forced to take orders from a regime of thugs who threaten all sorts of pay-back if they don’t get their way in academic appointments.

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