ADB reveals Khaiyum’s effect on investment

The Asian Development Bank has reported that “Fiji remains a fairly high-cost place to do business with many regulatory hoops to jump through and an ambivalent attitude to foreign investment”. No investor is safe from the whims of Bainimarama or the constant desire of Khaiyum to control everything that happens in the country. One of the things the Bank says we need if we are going to have more investment is “a more open environment for public debate”, which the Bank hopes we can look forward to when we have an elected government instead of a military dictatorship.

Radio New Zealand 13 November, 2013 ADB report recommends ways to improve investment in Fiji

8 Responses to “ADB reveals Khaiyum’s effect on investment”

  1. ben Says:

    an inside source confirms that Bainimarama was offered a large sum of money by the Muslim League to shut his hole and allow Kayum do the country as he pleases….dont forget this is the same league that Osama Bin Laden was a part off and get his orders from…these are not people with Ak47 and rocket launchers are educated radical islamist with fluent education of the west to try and bring down the Christians,Judaism,Jews,and its allience…Fiji has been supporting financially the terrorist cell Alkaida through the muslim leaque and we have people training up in the Afghan mountains confirmed by interpol..there aim is to spread radical islamist to the pacific..their gateway through the west ..fiji intelligence is sleeping and Bainimarama is deep throatted with money and following blindly…Fiji inteligence now you know…now do something about it…..for Fiji ever Fiji …

    • kamlesh arya Says:

      My relaible sources told me that the hindus gave a large sum of money. After all, they are heading all the 3 univerities, USP, FNU and uni of fiji.

      Also they are the main business leaders of fiji,

      • ben Says:

        f.y.i.. kayum and chaudary son were best friends at law school…well” the enemy of your enemy is your best friend but to ones advantage really “until kayum found out chaudarys secret over the Abuse of office and using public funs for personal use like a couple of properties overseas..still didnt convience you enough why mahendra bowed out of the game after his court hearing… to all Fijians if you want viable proof of the Muslim league take a visit to a settlement next to bayview heights..a piece of land owned by the “muslim league”…witness the depravation of the indigenious rights…we are not allowed to have electricity ,water is on for only afew minutes a day,dometimes none at all ,we are not allowed to have a 2bedroom house….and some houses shared toilets and bathrooms…and they cant lodge a fomal complaints,these are some of the things which my people are deprived of…but as for the hindus their….they living the dream… all my people… keep your head up…we always pulled through

  2. finer details Says:

    “Ideas include a more open environment for public debate, simplified investment incentives, strengthened infrastructure and improved understanding of contract law.:”

    The reference to the need for an improved understanding of contract law is essentially a veiled reference to the Judiciary, and specifically its interpretations of legal principles in major commercial and contract and equity and unjust enrichment litigation.

    It is the Judiciary which sets the interpretative parameters around which the law is developed in any jurisdiction. And the reasoning in their Judgements are the measure by which the integrity, credibility and soundness of the legal system are measured against international best standards.

    Judgements of the Fiji Courts in these areas since 2007 are all available on paclii, and they do not miss international scrutiny.

    • ben Says:

      ladies and Gents…if you’re following this documentation of factual events….the above statement is something “KAYUM WOULD SAY AT A PRESS CONFRENCE”…your ideas of finer details would be discussed in public is cloacked with hidden agendas…e.g…the protesters for the 2014 budget….we the people well have our say how we want,when we want….we will not be intimidated by your bullie tactics….Kayum you’re wrong we will have our retalliation and you better be ready when the time comes ,you stirred up the wrong country,the wrong people and offcource the wrong generation…hence the saying paybacks a bitch..for Fiji ever Fiji…

  3. Korovusere. Says:

    You said ADB said “One of the things the Bank says we need if we are going to have more investment is “a more open environment for public debate”

    The illegal Govt is focussed on controlling us, dictating to us, protecting their interests,. Even potential investors are required to tow their demands irrespective of business considerations…EyeArse and the dictator are wrecking our country.

    We need to eliminate them.

  4. Navosavakadua Says:

    The ADB are obviously waiting until after the elections before they return with their assistance.

    And why not, they’d risk pouring money down the drain if they handed it to a government that is illegitimate and refuses to follow normal processes of accountability.

  5. johnny Says:

    Na tamata qo au kila tamata rerevaki .. okoya sa lau rai levu tu na ka e vakayacora ena noda vanua o viti.. sa lau rai levu sara tu ga na nona liumuri taki ira na lewe ni vanua kei na matanitu o viti .. ni volitaki na nodai lavo levu koa vu mai na noda vanua lomani qo viti.. me kau i vavalagi mera ra kauta na kai valagi kei na tamata vabisinisi lelevu.. o keda meda qai vaka tu na lialia me soli tu vei keda nai sau ni koli.. qo na nona cakacaka o aiyaz sayed kaihum.. koya na lakolako dua na siga na kauta mai viti na dakai na tamata qo..

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