The FPF mess gets worse

We all know our Police Force has gone downhill fast since the coup in 2006. First Teleni tried to turn the force into a tent revival show. Then Naivalurua tried to lift professional standards but the rot was advanced and made worse by the FPF being forced to follow illegal directives from above such as the stop on investigating the torture video. A serious crime was filmed with faces of perpetrators clear for all to see along with the number plate of one of the vehicles but still no arrests. Now we have Policeman stealing from the scene of a crime and the victim was told if he made a complaint he would not be able to access his property, a computer hard drive he needed for his work as a teacher. Pure BULLSHIT!! A crime is a crime.

Fiji Village: 12/11/2013 Police officer charged for stealing from crime scene

2 Responses to “The FPF mess gets worse”

  1. joe black Says:

    small peanut story try teleni big choro with lotus garmets the indian falla was fckg teleni in the arse and he was writing multi million dollar orders to love him all the cops know

  2. losalini Says:

    and what about Teleni’s preacher brother who claimed that people would stop him on the street n give him lots of money to support his crusade. when bainimarama and his crook followers have been defeated, we will then know how much of that money came from government.

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