Khaiyum in hiding over Cloud Nine

The High Court in Lautoka has ordered the Police to cease trying to move the floating entertainment pontoon known as Cloud 9 from where it is currently moored on Navula Reef off Momi Bay in Nadi. Tony Philp Jr was able to show the judge that he had all the necessary approvals for his floating entertainment centre. Meanwhile Khaiyum has gone into hiding, refusing to meet with Philp or answer media questions. He can’t explain why he wants to close down a business that meets all the registration requirements needed to operate.

Fiji Times November 12, 2013 In favour of Cloud 9

Fijilive November 12, 2013 Cloud 9 owner waits on AG. weighs options

3 Responses to “Khaiyum in hiding over Cloud Nine”

  1. Navosavakadua Says:

    No mystery here FDN. The Surf Decree is an Aiyaz attempt to show that he’s the real ruler of qoliqoli. He, not iTaukei qoliqoli owners, will decide who can use the qoliqoli and on what terms.

    The problem is qoliqoli owners don’t accept this. His cancellation of his approval of Cloud Nine is an attempt to back out of the mess he’s created.

  2. Viti Sau Says:

    @Navosavakadua….his announcement is deceitful in that he wants to show that he is against Cloud 9, yet his very own court ruled against it in a court order stopping Police and allowing Cloud 9 to continue… and he will say, Judicial is Independent….what a show

  3. Viti Sau Says:

    This very Phillip & family(John Fiji Surfing Association) were responsible for removing licence that was given to Tavarua Resort owners whom Qoliqoli owners were fortunate to receive housing and other assistance from like free school fees,family death assistance, and many more benefit.First majority of their benefits is totally removed,yet Tavarua owners are still assisting.Then Cloud 9 activities to minimise Tavarua earnings and to stop assistance to Qoliqoli Owners… adding Salt to the wound…..3 Qoliqoli Owners are in Court now….many more will retaliate if AG does not solve this….what a shame Khaiyum….

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