Regime speeds up vote buying

It’s no surprise that the regime has put a big bucket of money in this year’s budget for vote buying by extending electricity to villages. Frank is banking on this money (all of it borrowed) doing the trick and delivering him votes.

Fiji Village: 10/11/2013 $10M allocated for rural electrification program

2 Responses to “Regime speeds up vote buying”

  1. losalini Says:

    it’s only the first week after the Budget hype and the PS of Education tells all the schools to hand in their Audit reports before they can be given the FREE SCHOOL FEES. wow! And what about the rogue government handing in their AUDIT REPORTS for the last 7 years?. how can we the taxpayers know where all the money have been spent on…

  2. Viti Sau Says:

    Where are they leading us?????….ultimate is to get rid of Management who are the representatives of the parents and take full control of running of schools where Christian teachings will be removed and open doors to brainwashing from Western Programmes funded by rich….

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