What’s this? Now chiefs appointed by the gun?

The report that a joint force of police and military have been visiting the Natewa area is disturbing. The regime claims the aim was to build a strengthened relationship with the people but this fools no-one. It’s clearly designed to intimidate the people into supporting the regime’s candidate for the position of Vunivalu of Natewa. In 2010 Ratu Amenatape Belo was installed as the regime-friendly candidate but his commission was withdrawn by the Almighty barely two years later. This was the second time there had been divine intervention in the selection of the Vunivalu. Will there have to be a third intervention? The fact that the regime has to send in a joint military/police force to intimidate the people gives the game away. The people do not want a Vunvalu who has the blessing of a PM appointed by the power of the gun.

Fiji Times November 08, 2013 Military, police tour district

2 Responses to “What’s this? Now chiefs appointed by the gun?”

  1. Paula Says:

    The uneducated peasants need a bit of education. That is all!

  2. Rauva Says:

    This is part of the illegal Government’s political campaign for next year’s election.


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