Why no-one wants to invest in Khaiyum’s Fiji

Khaiyum’s Surf Decree gave him effective ownership of Fiji’s reefs’ holding his finger up to qoliqoli owners. Now he’s used this decree to give him ownership of all the salt water. Tony Philip Junior’s Cloud 9 surfing floating platform has been closed down using the powers of the Surf Decree. Tony has learned the hard way that it’s a mistake to invest in Khaiyum’s Fiji. He’s been forced to get on his knees and beg the Khaiyum to let his business survive. Whether his business survives or not, the lesson is clear: no business can be sure that they will not have their investments confiscated by the regime.

Fijilive November 05, 2013 Cloud 9 boss to meet AG over closure decision

3 Responses to “Why no-one wants to invest in Khaiyum’s Fiji”

  1. Keep The Faith Says:

    Tony has learned the hard way that to be commercially (but illegally) opportunistic while mucking the landowners about is not a very business savvy approach. Landowners don’t just randomly sever ropes of a barge just because they feel like it — he had to have consistently offend them and that side of the story is not seeing the light of day. All that is being heard is that Philips is now the victim while Aiyaz conveniently shies away from his mess the Surfing Decree that will impact the illegal & treasonous regimes vote-buying hearts & minds strategy for landowning & qoliqoli owning observers.

  2. surfer boy Says:

    this is a world class destination in the surfing world – these guys are making it a mockery – a night spot with no alcohol or loud music!!!!

    aiyaz is the tourist industrys worst enemy – I hope we dont have to wait for elections to get rid of him

  3. fleas attract flies Says:

    And smoke-free! Fiji doesn’t need your pollution or your dirt money for that matter.

    As for treasonous iAG, well what did you guys expect suferboy? That you sleep with dogs and not expect to get fleas? lol.

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