What’s happening in Cakaudrove?

It seems no-one wants to chair the Cakaudrove Provincial Council. Bainimarama took over for himself the power to appoint Provincial Council Chairs but apparently no-one in Cakaudrove is prepared to be HIS nominee. How good would it be if all Provincial Council Chairmen handed in their resignations and declined to be the appointees of Bainimarama. This would be a good way to let the regime know that the Councils believe they should have the right to elect their own chairs.

Fiji Times November 06, 2013 Council chair vacant

5 Responses to “What’s happening in Cakaudrove?”

  1. Tomasi Says:

    Vinaka vei kemudou na noqu Tau mai Cakaudrove. Kua sara na via puppet nei na koisi bokala na Dictator…dou sa liutaka na revolt ni vei yasana daumaka…

    Tailevu kua sara na vakamuri Bainimarama tiko vakataki Serulagilagi…muri ratou na wekada mai Cakau.

    Naitasiri do cakave tale no, mai Ra dou cakavia.

  2. Aiyaz Says:

    Dont know what foreign language you speaking but I’ll kick yo butt soon

  3. Tomasi Says:

    Aiyas…of course you do not know local Fijian dialects because you are OF foreign extraction…koi tani o koko bokala.

  4. Aiyaz Says:

    Bro – u wrong….I am now a fijian like you,,,,,no longer indo fijian or indian great hehehehe
    soon i’ll be in VKB as PM said Provincial Council to look after all fijians iincluding me and my neighbour Tulsi
    sat kai he pakala

  5. Anonymous Says:

    @ Aiyaz

    A change of the constitution does not change your ethnicity. You are still an Indian, an Indian you will be until you die. Don’t you understand that Aiyaz is not a Fijian name but a muslim.one. Just get real with the facts. I am not a racist but I am pro Fijian. Does that mean I hate Indians? No, I have so many of them who are very close friends of mine. Its just that I am a Fijian and this country belongs to us. If we were in India and tried to force the people there to recognize us as Indians, that would be another story.

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