The Fiji Airways nightmare

If Fiji Airways has empty seats, our national carrier is doomed. The cargo holds of the new A330s have little room for air cargo, a big blow to our exporters, but they are fully loaded with debt. If there is any disruption like what happened in 2000 or 2006, Fiji Airways is finished. The debt burden will cause a nose dive from which recovery will be impossible.

10 Responses to “The Fiji Airways nightmare”

  1. Drone the terrorists Says:

    Is there anything khaiyum and his oink clan have not farked up. The sooner they are brought to justice for treason the better.

  2. Rank Says:

    Alas Drone, who, individually or collectively, will be the one to bring them to justice? Dodo and dumdum know this.

  3. epeli Says:

    If the cargo capcity is lower, doesn’t that mean that it does not have to worry as it will always be full.

    Another stupid comment by anti regime blogger with a pea brain

    • Saunivalu Says:

      Now here’s another dumb idiot, Full of what?????. You must be the regimes Mata ni vanua. You seem to have the same mentality.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    @ Epeli

    You are a nut head as you don’t understand what is being said. We are talking here about the cargo hold you stupid. It has got nothing to do with passengers whether it is full or not. The old 747 can load all the cargo with full passengers.Exporters are able to properly schedule their delivery because of this.These new planes cannot do the same. It has to make 2 to 3 trips in order for it to match the 1 trip for the 747. As a result exporters are put into a limbo and costs would increase if they were to use other airlines. If you read the Fiji Airways CEO comments you will understand. He has admitted the problem and says the solution is to increase flights. This is another problem as it adds to the wear and tear of the new planes. Meanwhile, Air New Zealand is enjoying the benefits due to the stupidity and short sightedness of those who made the decision to go with the A330’S. No wonder David Pflieger left in a hurry!!

  5. epeli Says:

    Annon 2am

    Read the first sentance of the article and tell me who is stupid?

    Another mutton head who thinks who is smart but has his head stuck in cow dung.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    @ Epeli

    Rauta mada na tabetabe vei Voreqe. You think you know everything. You read the first sentence yourself. What the article is saying is that because the cargo hold is small, it takes very little cargo for the exporters. We are lucky only if the planes are full; if they run empty of passengers, we will be doomed because it takes very little cargo, and this means an empty and profitless run. Kua mada na viavia. Your support and praise of the budget is well known. Before you try and rubbish everyone who is against this illegal regime, why don’t you first ask your master voreqe to release all auditor general’s report from 2006 so we can know where we are at. Unless he has something to hide, then he cannot be a trustworthy leader. There is no money in the illegal regime’s till; they cannot pay what they have promised. Just look at the departure tax; from $20 to $200, an increase of 1000%. This is ridiclulous.

  7. Paula Says:

    There is nothing to worry about: The idiots from Oz and NZ will keep coming to enjoy the unique way we shout BULA at them.

  8. Ratu Sai Says:

    Worry na hi people Air Fiji is in good hands and is likely to collapse soon. The as oles have made a mess of everything they touched.

  9. fleas attract flies Says:

    So they did Rt. Sai.

    An extremely poor attempt to imitate the King Midas’ touch but instead turned everything into pooey dust.

    There’s no place for fraudsters in today’s world, they soon get found out.

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