Pichler continues his truth-telling

If Fiji airways has one hope it’s the new CEO who is committed to telling the truth. First he came clean and said that cooperation with Qantas was essential for the airline’s survival. Now he’s admitted that the airline lost money in the three months to July due to poor on-time performance (around 50%) as a result of teething problems like new aircraft, not enough qualified pilots and things were not ready on the ground. He can see that his predecessor has left him a big drum full of shit and he’s not going to paint a false picture to please Khaiyum, who will be seething. Vinaka vakalevu Mr Pichler, our hopes are in your hands.

Fiji Village: 07/11/2013 Flight delays cost Fiji Airways $3M in 3 months

4 Responses to “Pichler continues his truth-telling”

  1. Coked Says:

    Worst of all is that the iGov knew of the deficiencies in freight capacity and passenger load especially on the long flights but because they put all their eggs in the plieger basket (or rather sieve) they chose not to admit their failings but rather sugarcoat all the crap to make like all is going swimingly. Epic fail by iGov. Pflieger got all he wanted, using the national airline to gain millions in commissions. Oh and im sure a few in iGov also had their hands greased.

  2. Paula Says:

    Pichler’s days are numbered. Nobody can upset Khaiyum without being punished. Watch this space.

  3. Jim Says:

    Bias against the locals isnt only by engineering managers, but also with flight crew department, crewing and personnel. We not very happy at all.

  4. Keep The Faith Says:

    Shareholders of Silver Airways need to be told about the calibre of “expertise” they have acquired and inherited from the disaster that is Fiji Airways.

    The Baiyums will get their just desserts but you DO NOT fcuk up a national airline, jump ship when you know your games up AND assume that you can get away with it. No sirree.

    As for Pichler good on him for exposing the rot but whinge-fest time is over. He seems like a smart guy and had he prepared well for this role he would have known precisely what he was walking into. So pull up them britches chief and get to turning the company around. We get it already — you’re sensitizing taxpayers to the fact that the annual report that you will put out is going to show some serious red.

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