Khaiyum finds another way to punish landowners


The Water Authority of Fiji takes its orders from Khaiyum as Minister for Public Enterprise, so it’s no surprise that he’s ordered them to collect what he calls 30 years of arrears in water bills in Somosomo. The PWD who put in the water supply system years ago used land belonging to some landowners without paying for access but allowed free access to water for the landownners. The resevoir, which supplies people outside the village, has occupied land without lease for years but Khaiyum recognized a chance to strike and show his power over landowners. Naturally, he wants to avoid a nasty fight ahead of the election so he’s said that landowners can get down on their knees and beg forgiveness of their debts, which gives him an opportunity to individually punish anyone he doesn’t like.

Fiji Times November 05, 2013 WAF tells landowners to pay water bills

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